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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Taylor Signs Record Deal!

Taylor signs his newly won record deal! taylorhicks200 reports:

"It's the second most moment that he has been waiting for! Aside from
hearing his name called as the new American Idol, today, Taylor signed
his million dollar record deal with 19/ Arista Records!

new cd should be out sometime towards the end of the year. It's sure to
be one worth waiting for and Taylor has assured the Soul Patrol that he
will remain true to his roots and his album will be the
"soulesy/bluesy" music that we fell in love with."

Monday, June 05, 2006

Katherine and Taylor on the Today Show!?

Katherine and Taylor had quite a treat for those in Rockefeller Center. They sang "Do I Make you Proud?" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." The crowd went crazy, these really are idols in America.

Chris Daughtry gets Welcomed

Chris Daughtry returned home and got a warm welcome from 1200 of his biggests fans. Chris sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" for his fans and they loved it. He later sang at Jamieson Stadium in Greensboro. He certainly has a lot of fans like all the other American Idol contestants.

American Idol Winner!

Katherine McPhee has ended up bring the runner up of American Idol 2006!

Congratulations to Taylor Hicks.

I expected him to win because he has such a large fan base especially in the south. Stay tuned for more after the show news.